As a business operator, you will agree that IVR plays a crucial role in providing a personalized customer experience. Consider it as a front door of your business; It is an Automated Phone Response System, which is the first thing that people see, hear and depending on this a customer generally forms an impression about your business.

Welcome Greeting

Welcome greeting is the first message that callers hear when they call your company. Having a clearly articulated welcome message for your callers is essential for your business.

Main Menu IVR Greeting

An Interactive Voice Response generally allows the caller to enter commands on the keypad and choose where they would like the call to be directed. This can be a first-time caller who happened to be sitting in front of your website, or an old customer with an enquiry.

Waiting IVR Greetings

Your agents may be stocked up with back-to-back calls. It is essential to cater to the current caller but at the same time, you cannot lose a potential customer who is already on the line waiting to connect with an agent. An IVR recording can direct your customer with the next prompts.